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Für das Projekt habe ich meine eigene Website erstellt:
For the project I created my own website:
(in germen / auf Deutsch)

How a space is created?
How do experiences and encounters affect my past memories?

For several years I have been working on finding forms for memories. To do this, I deal with my childhood memories. I think a space is not only influenced by materials or objects, but also by people and memories. Memories are plastic and change depending on the environment, events, pictures and movies you look at later and people you meet later. Intense and important experiences are collected and stacked in the brain. The layers of memories linked to different feelings.

Some photos about the project ↓

Chiharu Koda memore
Installation view “”

chiharu koda memore
Generated graphics and Agar-agar jelly in the Installation
Chiharu Koda memore
Agar-agar jelly in the Installation “”
I puts on brain computer and her brain activity was measured
Ink and gouache on paper B4
Chiharu Koda memore
Generated graphics
chiharu koda memore
A result of a filtering of one of my drawing

The project is an art project by Chiharu Koda and was funded by BBK (NEUSTART for visual artists). It was realized in collaboration with Verena Wippenbeck (film) and Studio Fluffy (data visualization).

Zur Website des Projekts (auf Deutsch)
To the website of the project (in german)