The beings between my memories

Chiharu Koda the beings between my memories


Installation + AR

Concrete cubes (using Okutsu hot spring water and gravel from the Yoshii River), Okutsu hot spring water crystals, steel square pipe, wood (Japanese cypress), acrylic paint, AR (animated sculpture), Agar-agar Gelee, seashells, fine nails

Exhibited at Okutsu Onsen Kajikaen

The Work “the beings between my memories” (2022) is exhibited at Kajikaen, Okutsu Onsen. It is a combination of installation and digital sculpture. The sculptures are animated and presented as fragments of memories. To view the sculpture, open the AR viewer with a smartphone and hold the smartphone close to the black and white “marker” (7 x 7 cm) so that it fits into the screen. Then the sculptures appear over the marker. Five animations linked one marker each.

Crystals from hot spring water soaked in hot water in concrete cubes for a month
Agar-agar jelly aus hot water from a vending machine for hot spring water

Through AR Viewer you can see the animated objects between the installation

An Image of Installation and Animated Objects Through AR Viewer

How to open AR viewer / Installation “the beings between my memories”

For the software-technical implementation: Studio Fluffy
Access via to the AR viewer via a website as well as the integration of the digital sculputres via augmented reality markers.

The installation was supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds.


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